Craft Beer

Our small batch craft brews are created with unique ingredients sourced directly from India that showcase the flavors and taste of South Asia.



Moksha is a Sanskrit word that translates to "liberation" or "release". It refers to one's liberation or release from the reincarnation cycle in Indian religious philosophy.

So why did we start Moksha Beer? A close friend of ours spent months traveling and working at NGOs across India. After coming back to San Francisco he couldn't stop complaining about the lack of quality beer to go with good Indian food. After taking a few minutes to think about it, we realized he was right and Moksha Beer was conceived! And for those of you that may not know, in Indian religious philosophy Moksha is the liberation of the soul from the reincarnation cycle.

Our small batch lineup of Indian inspired beers use only the highest quality ingredients to give you a rich and authentic flavor. Our brew recipes use unique and interesting ingredients that we bring over directly from small farms and spice markets all across India. Our beers showcase the flavors and taste of India while pairing very well with South Asian cuisine and spices.

We are passionate about beer! And we are passionate food! Our mission is to bring you an amazing line up of premium Indian style beers that offer a distinct and memorable taste which can be enjoyed with great food. We are based out of San Francisco, CA and are currently distributed across the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

We source from the best spice markets and farms in India!


Our first and flagship beer is our Amber Lager which originates from an old family recipe in India that was brewed since the days of the British Empire. It debuted at the 2012 San Francisco Beer Week Opening Gala. Since then we have introduced our Cardamom White Ale as well as seasonal and special batch brews all on limited release throughout the year.

Always fresh and on draft!


We love being out at festivals, meeting beer drinkers, telling our story, and especially sharing our beer! We will be involved in several events throughout the year, so we hope to see you at at least one of them!

Sorry! We do not have any events coming up, but things can always change, so check back often.

Special Event List

We do a lot of special events through out the year like release parties, beer+food pairing events, and various festivals. Submit your email address to be on our list. We promise that we don't spam and you'll only hear from us every couple months.

Indian inspired! Locally brewed!